Commercial Cleaning

Commercial  Cleaning for Business and Offices in Cork.

Cork Commercial Cleaning understands the importance of keeping your work place   carpets clean for your employees and customers. It is neither pleasant nor sanitary to work in an environment with dirty and stained carpeted areas. Your customers won’t be impressed either!

Sometimes we think that by renting a carpet cleaning machine, we will be able to save money and remove stains from our carpet. Unfortunately the results aren’t always what we expected. It is for that reason that we recommend letting a Professional  commercial cleaning company spot remove, pre-treat and steam clean your carpet.

We use a Commercial Steam Cleaning professional system with 180 degrees. We use professional spotting agents for tough stains to guarantee great results on carpet surface. We also pre-treat high traffic carpet areas before cleaning
Gum which can be pretty unsightly in bars and restaurants can be removed by All Brites3 step process.
Those sticky areas where minerals and beer have been spilled can also be removed with All Brite steam cleaning process.

We provide Commercial  Cleaning to:

  • Offices
  • Bars/ Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Schools

We offer a  15% discount to all employees in your company, whether we clean or don’t clean your carpets .To avail of this employee savings discount contact Michael at and we will send you an information package.

Please note that we can facilitate your  Commercial Cleaning requirements outside of normal working hours and offer our services during the evening, at night and on the weekend.

 We are available to assist you with your emergency   MICHAEL CAN BE CONTACTED AT 087-6822835

In your time of crisis, we understand that time is of the essence.
Please do not hesitate to call us at any time, day or night.
We are always here to answer your calls and help in your time of crisis!

For carpet cleaning:
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