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Carpet Cleaning  Whether its residential / commercial carpet synthetic or wool carpet the cleaning proces Carpet Cleaning Cork is the same. The differences are in the heat of the solution and the different detergents that are used.Steam Cleaning is endorsed by most carpet manufacturers.
With over 21 years experience in the carpet cleaning business. Carpet Cleaning Cork have been an affordable and reliable solution to Cork’s cleaning needs.


carpet cleaningCarpet Cleaning Cork Cleaning Process

We will inspect the Fibre of the carpet so we can choose which Eco-Friendly Detergent to use. The fibre of the carpet also determines at what temperature the cleaning solution can be set at.
We then vacuum the carpet to remove any heavy soils. This vacuum gives your carpet a better cleaning it also helps the drying time of the carpet. Next we pre-spot the carpet stains with Eco-Friendly spot remover. This helps to remove any stains such as oil / grease / coffee stains from the fabric.

We then use the All Brite Cleaning method to thoroughly clean the carpet to the base of the carpet. We extract the dirty water using heavy duty 3 stage vacuums ensuring your carpets dry quickly.

Carpet Cleaning Cork then gives special attention to the heavy traffic areas. Such as the areas in front of the couches and the door entrances. After the Steam Cleaning process we spot clean again to remove spots such as candle wax or gum.We then give the carpet a quick rinse.

Included in every Carpet Cleaning Cork are as follows:

Heavy soil removal
Spot removal
Most furniture moved
Carpet protectors under furniture legs
Steam Cleaning.

Sometimes we think that by renting a carpet cleaning machine, we will be able to save money and remove stains from our carpet. Unfortunately the results aren’t always what we expected. It is for that reason that we recommend letting a Professional commercial cleaning company spot remove, pre-treat and steam clean your carpet.
We then use air movers on the carpet which speeds up the time it takes the carpet to dry.

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